Race Rules

Rules and Conduct

You must be present in the parking lot one hour before race time


All Harnesses shall be padded around the neck and chest areas.

All dogs shall be harnessed in a single or a double file.

A sled must be drawn.

Sled bags required for 8 dog, 6 dog and 4 dog races. 2 dog jr. race does not require sled bag.

The sled must be equipped with an adequate brake, brush bow, and snow hook/s. It shall also include a sled bag capable of restraining a dog if necessary, covering a severely injured dog completely. Within the sled bag must be appropriate supplies for the sport, knife, parka, booties and appropriate gear for the weather, a trail map (given at the mushers meeting). If you are not capable of bagging an injured dog and need assistance it will result in disqualifiaction to the race.

No choke, prong, electric training collars or muzzles may be used on the dogs running in the race.

Dog bedding in dog boxes is OK to use regular hay or staw or wood chips. You must rake and clean up any fallen on parking area. If we were bedding dogs down in the forest we would have to require using straw or hay that was Certified Straw/grass hay which is required by Forest Service to prevent noxious weeds in the forest. Wood shavings are acceptable. Any bedding or mess left in parking lot is the responsibility of the musher to clean up.

Helmets are recommended for all racers. Recommended especially for participants under 18.


Race Marshal has final word on any issues whatever they may be.

Outside assistance:

Dog Drivers must not be accompanied or paced by a snowmobile/ATV while negotiating the course. Musher

The musher starting the race must be the musher through out the race. One musher per team. Musher must be 18 years unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Musher must attend musher meeting or assign person to draw bib number for them. Musher will be responsible for the conduct of their dogs, crew, and themselves when attending the meeting and race and parking area and on the trail. A Junior musher is 13 years old or younger & must be accompanied by and adult.

Common sense and good sportsmanship shall prevail. Cruel and or inhumane treatment of any dogs or others by any musher will cause for disqualification to be deemed by race marshal and organizing committee. Use of any whips, batons are prohibited.

Any activity deemed unacceptable by race marshal can result in disqualification.


The musher passing must call out “trail”. If trail has been called to the musher the overtaken team MUST give up the trail either by stopping or slowing down their team. If your dogs are preventing the other team from passing you must stop your team, hook down and grab your dogs to allow the musher to pass. When passing head-on team, the heading to the finish line has the right of way.

Lost Team:

If the event it happens the team will not be disqualified if the musher can regain control of the team and have completed the entire course. If you loose your team/ sled and require any assistance you will be disqualified from the race. If you fall off your sled and your team crosses the finish line with out you, time is listed when musher crosses the finish line with out any assistance. And again the entire course must be completed.

Number for Identification:

Some type of number must be worn on the sled/or dry land unit for identification. #’s provided by race organization. These must be returned to race organization.


6 dog class shall not have less than 4 dogs.

8 dog class shall not have less than 6 dogs.

4 dog class shall not have less than 3 dogs.

Dogs should have some sort of identification, or be micro chipped.

No dogs must be pushed beyond their limit.

Any inhumane treatment to any dog will result in disqualification.

No loose dogs are allowed on the trail or in parking areas.

Vet Check will be not be held. Race Marshal with advice of the race director may withdraw a dog for any reason deemed necessary. Preferred vet is Bridgerland Cache Animal Hopsital 435-752-2151 95 West 900 North, Logan they are open on Saturdays till 3:00 and not on Sunday.

The use of any injectable drugs/vitamins and or any drugs is prohibited. Nor oral or topical drugs that may suppress the signs of illness or injury, or that can enhance performance may be used on or in the dog. Drugs must not be present.

You must have paper work on each dog showing that each dog entering the race has current vaccinations of rabies,parvo, distemper, within the last 3 years, or titer test accepted.

Sportsmanship/Clean up:

We want great sportsmanship from every musher handler in every circumstance. Also you are responsible to leave the parking areas as clean as they were when you pulled into them. This includes any garbage, food dropped, feces dropped, or straw dropped, at the motel, banquet hall, and in the race start parking lot.

Complaints- issuing any complaint cost $75.00 to submit and must be handed to race director or race marshal with the written complaint on paper. Please write check to Cache Valley Mushers, and address complaint to Mr. Race Marshal. Suggestions however can be submitted at no charge, in writing to Cache Valley Mushers Corp. petsitteramy@hotmail.com.

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