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We were created in 2005. Our group consisted of mushers, skijorers, and people who just loved dogs. Our purpose at that time was to organize one sled dog race a year the Cache Valley K9 Challenge. We have continued to organize one race each season. Our first year mid distance races and it snowed so much we had to cancel the second day due to Search and Rescue said there were extreme safety issues with so much snow. Each year a slightly different format, 2006 Hardware Ranch was our scenery with different sprint mid distance, 2007 was an Iditarod qualifier that our club really wanted to come to the valley. That was a great year bringing big mushing names here. 2008 and 2009 we tried to stay to a sprint/short mid distance race format. In 2009 our first dry land races were held. It was such a success that they will continue. One in Cache Valley at the American West Heritage Center, and the other in Park City . In 2010 K9 Challenge sled dog race format added skijoring to the mix, and have brought the one dog, two dog owners out of the house and into the mountains.

In 2009 we offically became a non profit organization. Being a 501C4 classification, our main focus is on our sled dog races with education as our secondary purpose. We hope to continue to help people find ways to get into the sport. We held our first dog pull clinic in 2009 and have continued that every year.

Our group has grown in the last year or so, adding not only Cache Valley people, but others down south. We don’t have dues, just needed volunteer time to help with the races and round up sponsors and newbies to the sport.

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  1. My name is Pam Brackett. My husband, Al Brackett, wants to come to your race. I was trying to do the registration online, however I dont think I can. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. We don’t have online registration, just a downloadable form that needs to be mailed in. If you get it done today it should get, to Amy in enough time

      1. I just want to make sure he can register for the race. I will download the form and mail today. We will be coming a great distance for this race and don’t want to get there and have you say there is not enough room for him to race. Please let me know. He will be doing the six dog 12 miles race. Is there still room. I notice that there is a limit on 15 trucks. Thanks, Pam

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